Sunday, January 15, 2012

Home Sweet Home...

It was not on our anniversary but about ten days later when we did it...

Now get your minds out of the gutter. I'm talking about when we moved into our new, twelve year old house on East Boston Road.

Thanks in very large part to my dad, my mom, Kris, Bobby, and Margaret Qualey (the whirling dervish who showed up on moving day with an offer of help and a can-do attitude and who can paint a wall and take apart a bed, couch or table then lug said item DOWN A FLIGHT OF STAIRS and throw into the back of a pick up truck faster than I could type this) we got moved in and even semi-settled all in a day. And a few days later Tracy came to help with things I hadn't gotten to yet.

And I also have to give a huge, gigantic, forever-indebted, THANK YOU to Johnny Davis who, about seven months ago or so, showed up one day to offer to help Charlie and proceeded to show up every day after that to work on plumbing, heating, and anything else that needed doing simply as a friend to the hubby. Were it not for him, we would still be talking about someday living here instead of actually being here. There were times when we had to be on the mainland for one thing or another and he would still show up and work on our house. We would come back to the island to find that he had painted The Toot's bedroom, or gotten the toilet hooked up, or any one of a million things that needed doing that he took upon himself to get done.

Of course, the kids and I now joke about his and Charlie's "bro-mance". Last week, when I was away with The Toots, Blake snapped this little shot of them having dinner together (she added the romantic touch of candle light for them). When I confronted asked Johnny and the hubby about it they both laughed and Johnny even went so far as to tell me he had told the hubby, "I thought she would never leave!". They both thought they were so hysterical (the hubby thought I would appreciate the irony/insult of them eating the beef stew I had made the night before) but I must admit, it was quite funny.
(don't they make a cute couple??)

Anyway, here I am. In my new digs. It doesn't quite feel like home yet. I've never moved before so I have no idea how long the period of adjustment tends to last. Ellie felt like she was home right away. Blake and the hubby tend to feel like I do. The Toots had a whopping seizure at 3:00 a.m. on the first night we were here so I am guessing she felt out of place as well. Although she just adores her pink room. (and yes, she picked out the color, not me).

Here are a few photos of the entry, living room, kitchen and fireplace, Tessie's room as well as the upstairs hallway and the view from the deck up there. I left out the older girl's rooms, our bedroom and the bathrooms because they are private. I also left out the office because it is a total mess! There is still quite a bit left to do (mop boards, stair railing, scraping down all those big doors you see that, by the way, came out of the Union Church which I think is very cool, etc.) but I love it.

(the entry)

(Kitchen..the island is one of my favorite parts of the house)


(fireplace area...another favorite part of the house)

(tessie's room)

(Toot's room again)

(love love love the driftwood sign Kris made for Tessie)

(living room)

(living room)

(upstairs hallway)

(sunset..pretty sweet view)

(CHRISTMAS!!!) only photo I took though :(


  1. Great home for a Great Family!

  2. The PBC ackdowledgement of businesses and people supporting their programs.

    Yours would air like this:

    This house was made possible by K.C. Reidy and the many generous contributions of Johnny Davis.

    Love seeing the lights on down the road helping to cozy up the neighborhood.

  3. I meant to say your ackowledgment of all Johhny's help reminds me of the PBC acknowledgements of .....