Thursday, November 15, 2012

How I became a Farmer

I'm not sure if you've heard the news but it's pretty big. And I do mean big.

I just bought a farm.

Yes, you read that correctly. I, Joanna Reidy, am now a farmer.

It's a pretty good size farm too. I have long horn cows, horses, goats, sheep, chickens and bunny rabbits. I'm considering getting a baby turkey to raise since it's almost Thanksgiving but I'm on the fence about it (a little farmer's humor for ya, "on the fence").

My animals keep me pretty busy. Tending livestock is no joke.  My chickens are free range because that is very important for the quality and health of the eggs they will produce as mentioned in this blog post by my friend and fellow blogger, Tracy. Plus, I make my own feed directly from vegetables I've harvested from my garden so it's all organic.

I like to make my own dairy products as well. Cheeses, milk, buttermilk, etc. all made right on my farm, all by me. I sell them at the local farmer's market stand.

Running a farm single handedly can be quite tough some days. Running all over the acres and acres of farmland, feeding and watering my animals, working in the garden, and, in my spare time, going to my friend's farms to lend a hand can be exhausting.

I took some photos of my new farm for you to enjoy. I think you'll find it quite informative. So without further ado, I give you...


                         REIDY FARMS

The sign as you enter the farm.

     An ariel view of the farm.

   Phew! Farming is hard work. Just look at this photo of me literally wiping the sweat from my brow!

 Buy organic and buy local!

 Catching a little shut eye in the stable for a few minutes.

So obviously, aside from the link to Tracy's blog, this whole post is a joke and my attempt at 1) trying to cope with the boredom of sitting in a hospital for almost a week and 2) making my ridiculous FARMVILLE playing on Facebook seem light and funny instead of lame and pathetic. I mean, let's face it, a grown woman pretending to be a farmer on a virtual farm is not exactly awe inspiring. And I will admit, when it shows up on my Facebook Timeline I cringe in embarrassment. Yet I'm still farming playing.

I think Ellie said it best when she caught saw me playing and said, "Farmville? Really, mom?"

Yes, really.

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