Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Special Needs life, Game of Thrones style...

For years my dad has tried to get me to watch The Game of Thrones and I just didn't think it was something I'd enjoy. It sounded too intense, too violent, too everything I tend to dislike in my TV viewing. Then Blake and Ellie joined the bandwagon and my interest peaked a little. They both loved it but still, I was hesitant. Finally, when the excitement for the new season on pretty much every social media platform, as well as within my own family hit a fever pitch, I caved.

But as Frank Sinatra sang, "I did it my way."

I read the books first.

You see, anyone who knows me knows I am a bookaholic. Cannot get enough books. Ever. I even bought a shirt that reads, and I quote,

"My Patronus is a bookworm."

oh yeah, I totally own this most awesome shirt.

If you can't place where the word Patronus comes from, here's a hint, start reading Harry Potter, stat.

But I digress.

I LOVE this series. L. O. V. E. it. The word obsessed comes to mind.

So the other night as I was reading the report of Tess's initial trial with an eye gaze talking device after a most successful second trip to Boston for Tess to work with it again at the Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) clinic, my mind flashed back to the report that the Maine AAC "guru" had sent us after he had evaluated her for the same program last October. Let's just say that his report was less than enthusiastic about her cognitive abilities and overall level of awareness (a totally opposite report than what I was reading from the Boston clinic-yet another reason we go to Boston instead of staying in-State-not to mention that it didn't jive at all with the smart kid that I know),  and I immediately thought of a quote from my new fave series, The Game of Thrones, which then led me to placing other famous/infamous GoT quotes with other situations I tend to find myself in within this special needs journey.

Here's my special needs life summed up in Game of Thrones quotes:

What I want to tell the AAC "guru" from Maine:

What I think after IEP meetings:

My reaction when the school fails to follow thru on IEP promises:

How I feel when other kids hit big milestones (walking, talking, sports, school plays) that Tess won't:

When I'm trying to make myself be brave when Tess is sick or having seizures:

And again, oftentimes a daily struggle of bravery and faith vs. fear:

How I feel when making major decisions for Tess:

Any time the mama bear in me has to come out:

How I feel when I fire someone from Tess's "team".

And lastly, because we live where we live and I dread the rough ferry weather. My thoughts at the end of every September:

And there you have it. My special needs life summed up in Game of Thrones memes. I would apologize to those of you who are reading this that aren't at all familiar with the show except I'm not sorry. I just love it too much. And I did sort of warn you.

Obsessed. Remember? 


  1. About Milestone Envy:

    The kid achieving all those things could be the one hating themselves at the end of the day for not doing more.

  2. Love this!! I too have resisted GoT for the same reasons, but those quotes make me want to read the books. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. You make me want to read or watch or both but I am not through the first book of Harry Potter yet. Yes I am admittedly, a big disappointment. It must be my age?

    1. The book of Harry Potter where Patronuses are is THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN. It is near the end. They spirit them up in the Forbidden Forest [have you 'been' to the Forbidden Forest yet? It is mentioned quite early as a place the kids aren't allowed to go and where Hagrid the giant often is].

      My Dad didn't read the first book of Harry Potter even though he saw THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX and maybe THE HALFBLOOD PRINCE.

      [It's hard to remember the post-2007 Harry Potter movies because some of my viewing companions are no longer in my life].

      Ah, yes. I did see DEATHLY HALLOWS one and two.