Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Bean is on the Scene...

My girls are awesome.

There. I've said it. I know that you shouldn't brag like that about your own kids but I can't help it. Blake and Ellie and Tess are amazing. And I plan on writing about each of them (well, Blake and Ellie) in the near future but for now I am going to tell you a bit about my other "daughter", Bethany. The Bean.

The Bean has been on the scene since she and Ellie were practically in diapers. They became best friends in the first year of preschool and have not left each others side for more than a day or two ever since. They are the perfect complement to each other.

Ellie tends to be the 'straight man' to Bina's 'stand up'. Sort of like the female version of Abbott and Costello or Laurel and Hardy or even Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza. They are a riot together and the best part is, they love each other even when they are totally sick to death of being together. Just like real sisters.

And being around them reminds you why having a 'best' friend is so crucial. Who else would put up with your silliness, weirdness, stupidness, moodiness, except a best friend? Who, but a best friend, would call you to check and make sure your little sister is okay because she heard the ambulance pager go off? Who, but a best friend, would be able to stay by your side, through the often times very scary journey of having a severely disabled little sister and make you laugh when you would rather be crying? Who, but your very best friend, would call your house "home" and your mother "mom"?

That is the kind of girl The Bean is. She has stuck like glue beside Ellie through all of the craziness and never let anything get in the way of being there for her. The Bean has learned how to "vent" Tessie's GTube, which, in all honesty, is kinda gross. She is learning how to give The Toots her meds and loves to crush them in the pill crusher. The Bean even offered to change The Toot's diaper the other night (on the condition that it had "no poop in there") The Bean handles pretty much anything that The Toots dishes out with humor and compassion.

When The Bean comes into the house Tessie will look for her and she will never, ever forget to come say "hi" to the Toodle Bug...even if she is only popping in for a second to pick up something she has forgotten. She will talk to Tessie, kiss Tessie, keep an eye on Tessie, read to Tessie, snuggle with Tessie and just plain love Tessie to the point that you can't help but be proud just to watch her because her heart is so big and her love for Tessie is so genuine (and, of course, Tessie adores her). And you know, as only an adult knows, that many, many kids (and adults for that matter) would have faded away when the going got tough.

Not The Bean.

She is here for keeps and we love her. To the point where I no longer treat her as my daughter's friend but as my daughter. She has chores, gets yelled at, gets hugs, gets told "I love you" and I've even threatened to "ground her" because she is now one of my own. When she does something good, I'm proud and happy for her and when she has been, ahem, naughty, I will scold her even after her own mother has. She drives me crazy at times and has me hysterically laughing at others. In short, she is an awesome kid.

I also have another name for The Bean; The Phantom. She knows why.

Who's ready to get their arse kicked at WhoVilleopoly? Anyone?? Phantom, um, I mean, Bean??

She knows I love her....


  1. Once again, Joanna, you have made us look at things in a totally new light. You are very fortunate to have not three daughters to love, but four. Anyone who is anyone, knows that you love The Bean like your own. I'm beginning to wish, sometimes, that I could crawl into your house and let you be my mother for a day or two. Are 50 year olds allowed???? Anyway, I guess you found your inspiration in a very good place...loved this one!

  2. Loved this one too!!! How blessed each girl is to have the other in her life...and you too!!

  3. Ellie and Bean are so lucky to have each other...I'm not sure they can even comprehend how lucky. This was a good me misty-eyed!