Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

I have a few things that I would like you to bring me for Christmas this year. I think that I have been a pretty good girl so you should definitely find my name in your list under NICE.

Okay, okay, so maybe I got mad at my kids for no good reason a few times and maybe, just maybe my hubby got the brunt of my stress and frustration every now and again. And yes, I love to tease people and I do whine some and feel sorry for myself every now and again. And that little road rage issue, well, what can I say, some people just really need to be flipped the bird every now and again. Still, I think overall I have been good so here are my Christmas wishes...

Please find a cure to seizures and give it Dr. Ann Bergin at 9 Fegan, Childrens Hospital Boston. If that is impossible, then please bring Tessie a seizure service dog to alert us when she is about to have one so I can shower or make dinner when I am home alone with her.

Please help my hubby get our new (now ten year old) house finished. He has worked so hard and been thrown quite a few, very unfair, curve balls so a little help in that arena would be very much appreciated.

Please leave, in my dooryard, a handicapped accessible van. Tessie is getting so big to lug in and out of a car seat and it makes it dangerous for her and the carrier. Insurance insists that this is not covered under their 'durable medical equipment' policy even though it is MEDICALLY NECESSARY.

Please make our home handicapped accessible as well. Your elves should be able to pull that off without too much trouble. Aren't they quite handy with tools? Insurance refuses to pay for "luxeries" such as this. Once again, even though it is most definitely MEDICALLY NECESSARY.

Please bring Tess a new wheelchair because she no longer fits properly in hers and insurance doesn't seem to agree that children will grow in a four year period.

Please bring me EVERYTHING in the Pottery Barn catalog and if it wouldn't be too much trouble, bring Nate Burkis to decorate.

Please bring me John Travolta (you know why) ;)

And most of all Santa, please help me keep the Christmas Spirit even when everything seems overwhelming and impossible. Help me keep my sense of humor and love of everything Christmas.

Hhmmm...I just reread my wishes and on second thought, Santa, you can scratch me off your list this year after all (except for that last part). I just realized I already have everything I really need.

I have my faith, my family, and my friends. And if we are to believe all the corny cliched Christmas movies, and I do, then that means I have everything.

I still believe in you Santa,

love, ~J

PS maybe keep John Travolta on there. 'kay?...


  1. Joanna- What a beautiful post! We all will be thinking of you and your lucky family throughout the holiday (and always, as a matter of fact)...

    PS John T. will be spending Christmas "next door" in Islesboro. Maybe....?

  2. Tears for me??? I think so. I wish EVERYONE, including myself, could count their blessings as well as you do. Merry, Merry Christmas to you and your family. And I do hope all your wishes do come true.