Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lazy Days...

I have been very remiss in the blogosphere department. What can I say? Uninspired. Writer's block. Too busy.

All lies. The truth is...laziness. Pure and simple. I blame it on this seemingly endless dreary weather. But then I check my blog's dashboard and there are new posts from other blogs that I am following such as Amy Wadsworth's (an awesome post by the way) and Meg Lyons' (which led me to feel even lazier because I am a crafter in my fantasies but not in reality and she is an awesome one, probably in both).

So I am inspired to at least catch up a bit on the Travels with Tessie.

The biggest happening was our recent victory at the Special Olympics Track and Field meet in Rockland a couple of weeks ago. That's right...not one but TWO blue ribbons for my Toodle Bug. Can you guess the event she got those in?

The 10 and 25m dash. As in running. I know it is the ultimate politically incorrect admission, but I shake my head at the irony of it. I mean really, Tessie sat in her wheelchair while a friend of my family pushed her on to victory.

And here is where it gets really bad for me. I actually was sizing up the competition before the big race. I had Doyle (the 12 year old in charge of pushing Tessie's wheelchair) join me in a pre-race huddle to confer on whether or not he had it in him to push Tessie faster than the lady who was pushing the other little girl. He did a quick sizing up of the lady, nodded his head and whispered, "Easy". I clapped him on the back and he and Tessie headed off to race.

What happened next is to my ultimate shame but I blame on temporary insanity because I tend to lose myself during any type of competition (I do love to is a sickness). Charlie whispered to me and Doyle that we should let the other little girl win the next race. What??? I looked at him like he had just dropped in from Mars and sort of shrieked "No way! We came to win!" I looked at Doyle and gave him "the nod" that clearly said "Go for it. I want that blue ribbon." Charlie shook his head and sort of walked away from me. I know, I know. Even now, I shake my head at my selfishness.

Doyle ran like the gates of Hell were licking at his heels. When I laughingly said as much to Kris, her response was, "They are and it's you!" She might have been right.

At any rate, Team Tess and Doyle won again and I cheered and clapped like the fool I was.

Despite my extreme selfish behavior, it was a great day. The first and second graders came to cheer on Tessie and another VH athlete, while the older kids came to cheer on a middle school student. And it was so fun to watch them take blue ribbons in their events as well.

So, upon reflection, perhaps it wasn't laziness that prevented me from blogging. Perhaps it was just a wee bit of shame at admitting my bad behavior at , gulp, Special Olympics of all places.

Ah well, as my Aunt Evvy used to say it takes all kinds to make the world go round and if "we all preferred Corn Flakes there would be no Shredded Wheat".

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  1. You're an amazing writer Joanna, I shouldn't be surprised, it just goes along with what a great mother/wife/person you are. Great write!