Sunday, June 5, 2011

Baby on Buh....

Tessie is about to have a baby brother and she is going to be pissed!

No, Thank God, it is not me who is about to give birth. It is Tessie's beloved Buh.

Tess thinks the sun rises and sets directly over Buh's head. Tess also thinks Buh is all hers. Little does she know her whole world is about to be rocked by a teensy, tiny little baby boy.

I've already informed Buh that when she first brings the baby to meet Tessie that she cannot be holding him in her arms where Tess can see. We will have to do the old bait and switch. Distract Tess until I can take the baby and then Buh will go get Tess.

Seems a bit over theatrical, doesn't it? But trust me, it is the way it has to be. When Buh, and her ever growing belly, arrived yesterday to visit we decided that Buh could no longer safely and comfortably hold Tessie in her lap so I held her while Buh sat right next to us. No dice. Tess kept looking at Buh as if to say, "hey, YOU are supposed to be holding me! Don't you love me anymore?"

Tessie's pitiful and confused little face got the best of us so we rigged up a place right next to Buh where Tessie could sit with Buh's arms around her and her legs draped over Buh's lap so that she felt like Buh was holding her.

It was if the sun had just come out after a long rain. Tess was in bliss. There is no other way of describing it. She looked at Buh, then me to make sure I understood how very, very thrilled she was to have Buh and not me holding her, and then ever so lovingly gaped at Buh with a big goofy smile on her face.

I am sure the angels were singing while unicorns danced and harpists played a sappy tune somewhere in Heaven because that is how Tessie looked at Buh.

It is a good thing I am a secure person because that kind of complete adoration directed at another person might make a less secure person feel, ahem, a bit jealous.

But this bliss cannot last. Buh is about to have her own baby. Tess is not going to deal with this very well at all. Tessie's saving grace? Buh loves her like her own child so will make very sure that Tess feels extra special.

In fact, Buh has often said that she is very happy that her baby is a boy so that Tessie can still be....wait for it.....

"Buh's FAVORITE little girl!"....


  1. that sounds good to me Joanna, I like that she is having a boy Oh by the way I just finished reading all of your blogs. You are an amazing person, mother and writer I must say. You make me cry, laugh and really think alot. Keep up the nice writing and your sence of humor. I am sure it helps you with all you have to deal with from day to day. Your Tessie sounds like such a special little girl.

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