Friday, February 10, 2012

The Silent Queen...

Once upon a time, in a land far, far, far, oh so very, very far away, there lived a Queen.

This Queen was kind, loving, and full of light and laughter. Everyone in the Kingdom worshipped her. But this Queen was different from any Queen who had ever ruled.

She never spoke a word.

This might lead one to wonder how such a Queen could rule effectively but the truth was, though she was silent with her words, by the tinkle of a laugh or the furrow of her brow, everyone knew how she was feeling. And because this Queen was so beloved, her subjects would do anything to make her happy. In fact, they were all putty in her tiny little hands. Yet she never abused that power.

Well....almost never.

The Queen had only one demand that must be followed immediately and without complaint.

She must have her favorite movie whenever, and wherever, the mood happened to strike. Which was pretty much every single time her eyes were open.

Oh, how her Kingdom began to hate that movie. Sometimes they would even pretend not to notice the Queen's scowl when they tried to watch a different movie but it was no use. The Queen would become so displeased that she would bang her arm down on her throne and refuse to look at any of her subjects even when they would promise her that they would put her movie on for her later.

"NOW!", the Queen would silently "shout" as her brows shot together and arched upward and her lips turned down in obvious fury.
The Queen is clearly displeased because her subjects have not flipped down the DVD screen in her Royal Chariot to show her movie and is now refusing to acknowledge them

And when her subjects would try to distract and cajole her with kisses and bribes of toys, the Queen would dismiss them with a flap of her hand and a roll of the eyes.

But the Queen's subjects could not stand to see her unhappy. Even for a moment. For their Queen had been through so much in her life that surely she should be able to have something that brought her so much joy! So her subjects would rush to put on her movie and soothe her inflamed temper and wounded feelings.

And as the opening credits rolled, The Queen smiled her approval and acknowledged her subjects with a regal, if not slightly coy, batting of her beautiful brown eyes.
The Queen is pleased

All is forgiven they seemed to say. But do not test me again.

Yes, my Queen.


  1. May the Queen always rule her beloved kingdom. May her loyal subject always obey her every command. We must always remember; Her Highness gives much yet asks for little.


    Her Loyal Subject,

  2. That is cute. That little queen deserves to be worshiped.

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