Sunday, March 18, 2012


"A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world."
~Leo Buscaglia

Tess had a play date yesterday. Usually when kids are around Tess, or even here at her house, they will play with her sporadically or when urged to do so by their parents. But inevitably they end up playing with any other kid who happens to be here, or even by themselves in Tessie's room. They aren't purposely ignoring her but simply lose interest in a kid who can't really play with them in the traditional sense. It can be hard to watch at times, especially when it is so obvious that Tess loves to have other kids in the house, and even more happy when they are in her room.

But yesterday was different. Miss Addie came for a visit with Sonya. And basically didn't want to leave. She hopped in the chair with Tess, brought any toy that wasn't battery operated (because I am not exactly the best at remembering to get new batteries), watched a movie with her, played a game on Sonya's phone with her, and yes, decided that this would be the ultimate house to play "doctor" in given all the handy supplies.

Doctor Addie with her patient

In short, Addie gave Tess one of the best days of her little life.

It didn't matter that Tess couldn't talk. Addie did all the talking. Or that Tess couldn't walk. Addie simply brought everything to her. No problem.

Although breathing did become a bit of an issue at times....for Addie. Tess would snuggle in so close to her that she was practically cutting off the poor girl's oxygen.

You can see how far over Tess has leaned to get close to Addie...before long, Addie was almost falling off the side of the chair

Addie took it all in stride. Except ya know, to hint every now and again that maybe we could move Tess just a little so that she could actually breathe.

So they played. All afternoon. Toys that were still unopened from Christmas got ripped into and put together with only a slight admonishment for me from Addie for not opening them yet. And I heard quite a bit about my lack of batteries for all the toys that needed them.

Before long Addie had decided it would be just great to spend the night. Sonya, not so much. But we did get a good laugh out of watching our girls together.

At one point Addie told me she wished that she and Tess could be sisters.

For now she'll have to settle for BFFs. But sometimes, best friends are just as good.

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  1. I just get a kick out of Addie playing "doctor" with Tessie and that being "fun" for her, after all the doctoring she gets for real! Addie loves to play that's for sure. I can just picture her. She gives her cousins a run for their money so I'm sure Tessie was highly entertained!