Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Birthday...

Hey there...this is Tess. You might know me as The Toots, Toodle Bug or Tessie. I have taken over mama's mind (it was really easy) for a minute to tell you about my birthday.

First, I woke up and mama and daddy kept telling me "Happy Birthday, Toodies! You're seven years old now!", as if I didn't know that. Then Buh came and said the same exact thing before getting me up and giving me a bath. I love my Buh!

After my bath, mama brought out this ridiculous outfit and told Buh to dress me in it. It was a cowgirl shirt with a fringe no less, a pair of jean capri pants, pink bandanna, pink and white cowboy boots that were three sizes too big and a big pink cowgirl hat with a tiara on it! I looked nuts! Not to mention it was about a hundred and eighty degrees out! Wow, mama.

Well, I dealt with the shirt, pants and bandanna okay but no way was I going to be traipsed around in that hat and those boots. I promptly kicked off the boots and threw back my head so that the hat wouldn't stay on. Mama tried three times to put my boots and hat back on but I quickly showed her that I meant business.

One of the things I love most about my mama? She knows when to just let me be. She told Buh to never mind the hat and boots as long as we got one photo with them on. Hehe.

Next, mama and Buh put on my Spongebob movie. Well, okay, this is more like it. So I settled back on my favorite spot on the couch and prepared to enjoy the next hour and a half. I was perfectly happy to sit there and watch my show but no, mama breezes in and says to Buh, "You guys ready?". Uhm...you had better be talking about Buh and Blake because there's no way that I am ready to go anywhere.

They really do take advantage of the fact that I cannot run away from them.

So we're off in the van. Mama, looking a little stressed if I must say, Buh, in a very weird hat and her scrubs, and me, in that ridiculous get up minus the boots and hat with a scowl on my face to show them that I was definitely NOT ready to go anywhere!

We arrived at some farm with horses and chickens and cows. It was cool but I was mad! All I wanted was to finish my movie. And now I am here, in this unrelenting heat, flies buzzing around (and I'm pretty sure I smelled poop and it wasn't from me) with everyone telling me over and over again, "Happy Birthday".

Well, I quickly snatched back control of the situation. I went to sleep.

Mama forced me awake (by putting cold water in my hair;real nice) once when a cute little miniature horse was brought out and I did like to touch her but I decided there was just too much chaos around me so I went back to sleep.

The rest of the party is pretty much a blur to me. I know all of my friends had fun and I am glad. I did wake up at the end of the party after pretty much everyone had left, and I got to ride on a great big horsie with my daddy and I loved it!

When I got home I got to lay in bed and take a nap with mama. That was pretty nice.

Later, all of my family came and I got to open a few presents. All in all, it was a good day even though I slept through most of it. What can I say...

Hey, it's my party and I can sleep if I want to!

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