Friday, May 7, 2010

don't shoot the messenger

So we just found out we get another night of luxurious accommodations provided courtesy of Childrens Hospital. Who needs 'Make a Wish'? Haha....

Today's adventures began with the usual routine of needle sticks, finger pricks, urine analysis and meds coupled with a visit from the "team". The attending physician was mildly concerned with her low sugar levels but thought we would get sprung today. Oh to be so fortunate!

On an endorphin rush from the good news, we packed up, got the Toodle Bug washed and dressed and proceeded to wait for discharge orders. But a nagging little thought wouldn't leave me alone...the doctor who thought she should be able to get released made and off the cuff comment that went something like..."but I will discuss with her regular doctor and let her decide". Ask not for whom the bell tolls;it tolls for thee! Naturally her regular doc said "um, NO!"

The poor woman they sent in to tell us the bad news actually peeked around the curtain and sized us up before deciding we weren't going to totally lose it on her when she told us. So I told her, "don't worry. We won't shoot the messenger".

So here we sit. My hubby by my side. And he won't stop asking me questions. He is like a hyperactive kid who has been put in a cage and I am the only toy that they gave him to play with. Serenity now!

The real adventure began with a noxious odor emanating from Tessie's bed. Oh crap! Literally...there was crap all the way up her back, on the wires connected to the monitors, on the chuck pad under her, on her clothes and by the time we were done, on me!

And let me tell you a bit about the smell from a kid who regularly gets diastat (emergency seizure medication)...well, there simply are no words. But the room cleared out mighty fast and my hubby and I were left to fend for ourselves.

We managed to get her clear of the crap after much discussion on how to approach the situation. Much like planning an attack on the enemy I suppose. Very Strategic. The Toots just went with the flow.

The nurse sent in a cleaning lady to try to deal with the heinous odor and she all but sprayed the cleaning agent on me. I thought the smell was getting better, (oh the powers of a mother's love), when our little roommie and fam went to come back into the room after her physical therapy session but made a quick u turn in the hallway outside of our door.

The dad was heard to mutter..."let's just keep walking".

Do we offend?

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