Thursday, May 6, 2010

gotta love hospitals...

As I start this blog I am in a double occupancy hospital room at Childrens Hospital Boston. The aforementioned Tessie-toodles is being started on the Ketogenic diet. For those of you not in the world of seizures, it is a high fat, low carb/sugar diet that will theoretically help us get some kind of control over her seizures.

Did I mention we have a roommate? Oh, I did? Did I mention that she is a screamer? Oh yeah....ALL night and ALL day! Did I mention that I am not at all politically correct and while I know intellectually I should be going on and on about how sorry I feel for this kid and what a little trooper she is, what I really want to do is yell at her to shut the hell up!

Yes, I will burn in hell someday. No need to tell me that. Meanwhile, little Miss Tessie is all smiles and giggles. God I love that kid!

Let me tell you a bit about Miss Tessie since this IS my first time blogging and all...

She is fed through a tube in her stomach. She cannot walk, talk, eat, go to the bathroom, or basically move at all independently. She has a severe seizure disorder just to make things interesting. Hence the journey into the land of the Ketogenic diet.

To sum up my little Tessie...she is a 40lb, 43" tall bundle of pure joy and will have you eating out of the palm of her hand with a single smile. Don't believe me? Stay tuned...I will prove it to you.

Tess also has two older sisters, Blake 16 and Ellie 13. They are the lights of her life and when they come over to her to talk or play or better yet, maybe just sit and snuggle, you would swear the kid had not a single problem in her life. Ahhh to be so contented!

I will go back to previous travels with Tessie but for this day, and the purpose of starting this out in the present ( I am anal about things like that), I will tell you a quick snippet of our adventures here at the hospital.

We started by being told we would be admitted at 1:00. We actually got a room at 5:30 which meant roaming a germy, gross hospital with a medically fragile child for 4 and a half hours. Good times, good times.

Then, just to add some excitement to our day, Tessie had a big ole' seizure in Au Bon Pain in the lobby. We whisked her onto the PUBLIC couches in the main lobby and actually had to give her oxygen and rectal diastat right then and there. The poor man in the business suit next to us will never be the same, I fear!

Well, that is our adventure for today.

Probably not much to an outsider but to any parent who has been there, and I am finding more and more have all the time, you will  understand my horror mixed with laughter at the situation.

And I've already told you about our roommate, The Screamer...enough said!

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