Saturday, May 15, 2010

If Tessie could talk...

Most everyone who has ever met The Toodle Bug has, at one time or another, said to me, "wouldn't you just love to know what goes through her mind?". Uhmmm...yeah, I would, but at the same time Tessie does "talk". There are times when she speaks volumes without uttering a single sound.

For example, when I go to get her up in the morning and she turns away from me in her bed. What she is "saying" is, "Mama, I am not ready to get up yet!". When she wants a sip of what you are drinking she "says" so by sticking out her tongue and looking at your glass. She "tells" me she wants to go to bed by putting her hands up behind her head.

She also can cop quite an when it is time to go to school. when I tell her that we have to go she will refuse to look at me. In fact she will look anywhere else except at me. What she is "saying" is, "I can't believe that YOU are making me go there. You know I hate it. You know I just want to stay home with you. Mama, you are mean!".

Or when I turn the TV on to watch the news (okay, Young and the Restless), she looks at me like she cannot believe anyone could be so stupid and then looks back and forth between me and the television with a totally annoyed and put-upon expression. What she is "saying" is, "Mama, no way. This show is stupid and you need to put on Spongebob Squarepants right now!".

And God forbid I actually leave her for any length of an afternoon or (gasp) a whole night! Upon my return home, laden with gifts to win back her love, she is shouting at me in the silence that I get. She will not look at me, she will usually cry at the sight of me, and then she wants nothing to do with me.

I, for my part, will cuddle, kiss, give presents and shamelessly beg for her forgiveness. This it what she "yells" at me..."Mama, how could you? You left me! You know I do not like it when you are gone and you left! I cannot believe you! I am so mad at you! Don't ever leave me again!".

If you are very, very lucky, she will "tell" you that she loves you by leaning in to you and then licking the side of your face. Then she will lean back away, look at you as if she has just bestowed you with the crown jewels and wait for you to say "thank you" to her. Then she will smile, all satisfied with herself.

The truth is, The Toots does talk. It is just a matter of taking the time to try to understand what she is telling you.

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