Monday, May 24, 2010


In the course of getting the Toodle Bug to all of her different appointments throughout the years, many different people have pitched in to help us. My cousin, Heather, is one of those people. My OLDER cousin. Remember that as you keep reading.

Heather has attended many of The Toot's therapies and even a few doctors appointments. She was my go to gal for a period of time when I needed to quickly get Tessie somewhere and couldn't easily reach my hubby (he works in places that many times do not have phones)

One day when Tessie was quite sick her pediatrician called me at home after getting a frantic message from me, and after hearing me describe her symptoms, asked me to get her to him on the mainland ASAP. Naturally I couldn't reach my hubby so I called Heather. Help! She arrived on the double.

We got The Toots packed up and made the next ferry to the mainland.

Our pediatrician had requested that we immediately take her to the hospital for chest xrays (suspecting pneumonia) before seeing him. He had already called them and they would be ready and waiting for us to arrive and would immediately read him the report before we even got from the hospital to his office.

Now I know I didn't look great...stress, a bout with cancer...yes, I probably looked a little worse for wear but I was in no way prepared for what came out of the xray tech's mouth.
As Heather was holding up The Toots, I was pulling her shirt off over her head. As all you moms out there know, we can be a bit rough with our own children and the Toodle Bug was no exception. Heather on the other hand, spoke for Tessie and said something along the lines of "mama, take it easy!". The xray tech looked at us and said to Tessie "Is GRAMMIE being too rough with you?". GRAMMIE?????? What the f*@k????

Of course, me being me, I could not let that just lie. I glared at the poor xray tech and practically shrieked, "Do you think that I am HER (nodding my head toward Heather) mother??!! She is OLDER than I am!!" I pointed to Tess, "I'm her mother!".

Oh, that poor, poor woman. See, I can have a little compassion for her situation now that a few years have passed since 'the incident'. She got pretty red in the face and tried to stammer out an excuse like "well, she said mama to you" and I'm all, "she was speaking for Tess!". I was beyond pissed!

Meanwhile, Heather is just in gales of laughter. A regular hyena.

So the lady gets the xray pics that she needs and I storm out of there in a flurry of indignation. Heather is about ten feet behind me with The Toots and is still laughing.

We get to Dr. Stephenson's office and as he is checking out The Toots, he is talking about how hard it must make the day for us to have to catch a ferry and race to the hospital and then to him. I, in a huff, tell him all about what has just happened at the hospital. Very dryly, without a hint of sarcasm, he says to me, "yeah, now THAT'S a bad day!"



  1. Ha! Ha! I don't think I have ever heard that one...I can guess why. ;)

  2. Joey and Jack still call Joanna "Grandma" everytime they see her...affectionately, of course! ;)